Echoel – Ordinary Ep [8ko Records]

The latest offering from 8ko Records is the debut EP release of Hamburg native Micheal Terbuyken aka Echoel titled "Ordinary"

Coming from a dub and big beats background, he managed to find his way into the deeper end of house through his involvement in art projects around his native city of Hamburg.

Dealing with the sequential stimulation of human emotions has always fascinated Echoel and these observations created an emotional contrast, pairing simplistic vocal hooks with intoxicating synth waves in this 4 track EP.

Curated from his live performances, this EP represents a fragment of Echoel's time and we invite you to explore these moments within "Ordinary"

Echoel - I Wanna Live (Original Mix)
Echoel - You Are My Friend (Original Mix)
Echoel - Ordinary (Original Mix)
Echoel - Spin (Original Mix)