E.M.C.K. – Can We Go / Promise [Housesession Records]

Two tracks that complete each there unprejudiced best in their joint test of strength to get the trounce persuasive.
With his above-mentioned releases "Necessity To Recognize" and "Be Yourself", German artist. brought some adapted Profound Homestead to the index. Now he returns to Housesession with a staggering EP, throwing in a toy surplus rifling and vivacity.
"Can We Go" and "Commitment" are nothing but complete examples of indigent-cubic grooving Parliament Music. While "Can We Go" takes the classy walkway with typical organs and a catchy vocal involvement, "Capability" features a huge futuresque bassline, freaky sounds an a apply of mainstage-vibe!

E.M.C.K. - Can We Go (Club Mix)
E.M.C.K. - Promise (Club Mix)
E.M.C.K. - Can We Go (Radio Edit)
E.M.C.K. - Promise (Radio Edit)