Dystøpia – Sipario Ep [Rebound Audio]

Dystøpia returns on Rebound with a massive EP called ''Sipario''.
This Ep includes two tracks respectively named :
A1 : Sipario001 (Original Mix)
A2 : Sipario002 (Original Mix)

The unknown artist reconfirms its eclectic soul , being able to create in just one EP, two sound completely different.

Sipario001 packs a very atmospheric sound , different from the usual ''Hard'' sound of the German techno .

Sipario002 is the opposite of his antagonist track described above .
In fact Sipario002 encloses the typical German ''sound decisive and direct''.

Distributed by Pressology –

  • Release date: 2016-08-08
  • Label: Rebound Audio
  • Genre: Techno
  • Quality: 320kbps / 44.1kHz / Full Stereo
Dystøpia - Sipario001 (Original Mix)
Dystøpia - Sipario002 (Original Mix)