Dynamic Illusion – Breaking The Silence [Welcome Music]

With great pleasure, we are ready to announce our very big release! This time we have on board great artist, called Dynamic Illusion, also known as Daniel Gyarmati! This is the first album of Daniel, so we are very proud, that he choose our label for release it.
Some words about album from Daniel:
After 10 years of music production, finally I decided to make something bigger. Together with Welcome Music, we started to compile a few of my progressive breaks track and at the end of the round, we found a whole artist album, with a great concept and true emotional sounding.

01. Ha Te Tudnad.
This song tells us a story from a girl, who finding her secret love what she can’t even tell for her platonic lover. It is a tribute to my country and folk music also.
02. Bright Heaven.
A place in our heart and mind. Let me say a big thanks here for the wonderful vocal snippets by the amazing singer and musician Kelly Noland.
03. Just In Time.
This song started to build around the piano theme whereby I felt in love for first time. Everything else I “just” built around during the same night.
04. Dreamcatcher.
It was hard to find a good name for this song but a few days of thinking I finally decided to call it Dreamcatcher. Actually based on the great piece of poetry what Nimi (Peter Nemeth) recorded by my request. Thanks a lot!
05. New Warrior.
Absolute salute before everybody who fights for our mother planet Earth. Hope you feel how big desperation and toughness they have. And don’t forget: “Earth needs a new needs You!” :)
06. Infinity.
This tune dedicated for the creators of the great instrument TB-303. The electronic music can’t be the same without it.
07. High Lights.
Here I try to give back something for my beautiful and lovely wife Szilvia, who stands behind me every time and gives me the biggest gift in my life. My son.
08. Eternity.
Life after death? You believe in that? If not, try this song and maybe you change your mind. I think until we love each other everything just possible.
09. Feel The Morning.
I wanted to say a big thanks here for mr. Janos Liptak (SLP) who helped to make complete this song with some excellent melodies, vocal and guitar recordings.
10. Tevedt Orak
Stray hours. This is what this song about. Based on Nimi’s lyrics and singing. Many thanks for him again.
11. Break it Down.
A lightweight thin summer breeze at the end with some vocal from me.
I also wanted to say a big thanks for my family members, friends and colleagues why they supported and believed my through this journey.

Daniel Gyarmati aka Dynamic Illusion.

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  • Release date: 2016-06-06
  • Label: Welcome Music
  • Genre: Breaks
  • Quality: 320kbps / 44.1kHz / Full Stereo
Dynamic Illusion - Ha Te Tudnad (Original Mix)
Dynamic Illusion - Bright Heaven (Original Mix)
Dynamic Illusion - Just in Time (Original Mix)
Dynamic Illusion - Dreamcatcher (Original Mix)
Dynamic Illusion - New Warrior (Original Mix)
Dynamic Illusion - Infinity (Original Mix)
Dynamic Illusion - High Lights (Original Mix)
Dynamic Illusion - Eternity (Original Mix)
Dynamic Illusion - Feel the Morning (Original Mix)
Dynamic Illusion - Tevedt Orak (Original Mix)
Dynamic Illusion - Break It Down (Original Mix)