Dusty Ohms, Crypticz, Somejerk – Solid State [Signaflo]

Solid State – a journey through many styles, textures and tempos. Created by Miami producer and DJ somejerk, Featuring collaborations with UK producers Crypticz and Dusty Ohms, the 14 tracks make their way through deep dubstep, grime, jungle and footwork influences, presenting an array of music built specifically for sound systems.

Unwilling to compromise, treating music as art, somejerk's "Solid State" album attempts to defy the status quo of mindless fodder and to create music that may, at times, challenge the listener.

"I am not trying to take you to your happy place, or any happy place for that matter. I am taking you to a state of anxiety, confusion, depression and, at times, ecstasy. Dynamics in music means dynamics in emotion, the two are the same."

"Solid State" is a reflection of the life and times of somejerk, his journey from different tempos, the evolution of Miami's bass music scenes and what he hopes to see in the future. Distributed By Symphonic Distribution –

Somejerk - Intro / A Minor(ity) (Original Mix)
Somejerk, Crypticz - Sei Song (feat. Crypticz) (Original Mix)
Somejerk - 2DEEP (Original Mix)
Somejerk - Is Any Body Out There? (Original Mix)
Somejerk - My Fucking Dub (Original Mix)
Somejerk - Power Dub (Horns VIP) (Original Mix)
Somejerk - Lion's Den (Original Mix)
Somejerk - Body (Original Mix)
Somejerk - Concentrate (Original Mix)
Somejerk - Solid State (Original Mix)
Somejerk - Way Back (Original Mix)
Somejerk - Energy (Original Mix)
Somejerk, Dusty Ohms - Meticulous (feat. Dusty Ohms) (Original Mix)
Somejerk - Just When You Thought It Was Over (Original Mix)