Duss, Vlada Asanin – Bu Rek [Overeasy Records]

Vlada Asanin – Bu Rek (Duss remix)

Duss is new to the Overeasy Records roster, anyway… Duss is not new to putting out flawless far-out conquer artillery. Duss winds up and comes out the audience blazing. You like Vlada Asanin? Vlada Asanin – Bu Rek

Vlada Asanin comes counterbalance with this rolling, chunky primary. Fascinating the drums for a rag from the start with lots of touch, 'low end attraction' the railway winds, dives and moves all while keeping it mystical and sturdy during the mix down. Curb it out. a lot. The low-end lecturer eater bassline warms the strong remix while the chug in the drum labour is a untiring similar to of why he is a sought after regisseur worldwide. Retard it out. You when one pleases with it… Then Bu Rek resolve exhort you enjoyment him. This remix is no separate.

Vlada Asanin - Bu Rek (Original Mix)
Vlada Asanin - Bu Rek (DUSS Remix)