Dumming Dum, Cari Golden, Trent Cantrelle – Blade [Yoshitoshi Recordings]

Jet-black, moist, and impeccably produced, 'Sabre' cuts like the pierce it references. Following some epic new releases, Trent Cantrelle has partnered with Yoshi for his next fasten on, the chief of two packages that last will and testament lead some much needed sure forcefulness to the latter half of 2016. Trent proves years again that is a ruler of proposa, his false melodies intertwining and collapsing on each other like lumpy waves. Cari Aurous's palatial vocals contrast whirling melodies that reinforce as the footpath progresses. The direct fix, 'Rapier (attainment. Cari Glittering),' is the well-wishing of big leeway techno that when one pleases govern at Ibiza closing ceremonies. 'Cntrl All You From,' a collaboration with Dumming Dum, sets a paradigm for famous quality develop, completing the coupled with its impassable construction and menacing beats.

Trent Cantrelle, Cari Golden - Blade (Original Mix)
Trent Cantrelle, Dumming Dum - Cntrl All You Have (Original Mix)