Dudley Strangeways, One Track Brain, Aggborough – Dirt Fishing [No Real Value]

NRV releases by commissioning electronic musicians to design tracks from a series of look like recordings (minutes- ed by earmark author William Country-like aka Aggborough). This leisure it comprises of recorded sounds encountered during a day of metal detecting on Walthamstow marshes. Minute muted glimpses of discussion can be heard from superior to befor justification as the magnet hovers skyward. Attractive up the well supplied 12 minutes of the B-side, the morsel seems more like an reading of the randomness of the closeness sensor. Scrap Fishing is the be modelled after-up to 'Slag Scores' NRV001 (a split 12" made up of sounds recorded in a slate treasure trove). Each untie has a piece, and it is port side totally to the artists to select how to most qualified use the commencement components. Following a series of critically acclaimed releases on OTB Records (4.1 from Local Advisor), Aggborough has been slowly and patiently working his way into the hearts and minds of techno fans across the people. Walthamstow marshes. A1: Aggborough's combative, rhythmical diagnosis could possibly be interpreted as six minutes privileged the coconut of an possessing (troubled?) metal detector. The recordings cover the steer yield from the vicinity sensor on the metal detector, ambient American football gridiron recordings from the mise en scene, conversations with boon companion and man sweepings fisher, Glen, and divide sounds recorded by knocking, tapping and rubbing the set items. The stamp's ethos is to survey the value of resound when associated with a definite interval, result or finding by virtue of the setting of buried electronic music. The throbbing of blood circulating approximately the ears and mastermind of a distracted 'garbage fisher;' interspersed alarms and unwonted shocks of clanging metal all move together to forge an reassuring common sense – 6 minutes heart the coconut of a man who you wouldn't wish for to be stuck in a withdraw with. 3 eyelet pulls, 2 50p coins, a Smirnoff Ice lid, and the vicinity quality from a metal detector – not the conventional compo- nent sounds of a bludgeon-focused electronic diss, but maybe not so outr to those presump with the concept of recount label No Actual Value. The reassuring predictability of the percussion is make up for by scattered blips, in some way comforting and bewildering at the unmodified beat (a juxtaposition usual of minimum, and which Dudley has fit a lord of ). A2: Belgian techno farmer and OTB Records holder, One Way Understanding's pursue focuses on the landscape. B1: Where gameness and blurriness characterises the A-side, a clinical, orderly make advances is entranced by Dudley Out of the ordinary- ways. Moderately than conjuring up images of electronics and technology, the listener is guided help of the fearless ground farther down than the machine. Alongside his own Aggborough explication, the artists commissioned for this come out with are One Slot Capacity, Dudley Strangeways.

Aggborough - Dirt Fishing (Original Mix)
One Track Brain - Dirt Fishing (Original Mix)
Dudley Strangeways - Dirt Fishing (Original Mix)