Dual Vision – Law Of Attraction [Digital Nature Records]

Digital Quality Records is deeply proud to tell the organize of Law of Pull – the spectacular new sole by Dual Shade – the progressive brown study proposal of Italian wonderful duo Matteo Paternoster and Michele Pedrotti – one of the foremost acts to evolve from the Italian daze locality in just out years with a series of table topping releases for Digital Essence, and labels such as Yellow Sunshine, Noetic Smidgen and On Music to pre-eminence a few. Law of Pull by Dual Foresightedness is a tag new, earlier unreleased, multi dazzling traces, riding on a stupendous liberal flute, uplifting melodic ambience, epic reverberate draft and innovative sonic arrangements, maximized on structuring and opus, and carriage the unparalleled Dual Idea quality signature unrivalled for alfresco and consortium sets. Be required to Be undergoing Keep up with!

Dual Vision - Law of Attraction (Original Mix)