Dual Mirror, H. Paul, Rafael Bogdanov – Tonal 06 [SUB TL]

Rafael Bogdanov is the pre-eminent in this cue, machine-like beats, debilitated bassdrums, percussive synths and a rolling construction, set up this one an select mixing agency. We are uphold again with the 6th installment of our Tonal series, curated to disclose on balance new talents via mini compilations. A lower limit rocker for steadfast, abiding. Next is H. Paul, surely not a beginner, he offers a cemented thrash spiced with uninterrupted flanged synth lines and percussive bleeps. Closing the deliver Dual Mirror works his 909 drum automobile to immoderation, rolling toms, crispy hats and old Lyceum kit, return a robotic succession that grows and flows thru the affair.

Rafael Bogdanov - Substance (Original Mix)
H. Paul - Processing Machinery (Original Mix)
Dual Mirror - Chaos (Original Mix)