DSTRQT, Bojac, Brohug, Kenneth G – Heldeep Dj Tools Ep – Part 3 [Heldeep Records]

Fresh possessions for those sweaty moments in the blackjack, works anytime! BROHUG on its transform explores a more bouncy look. Chief, MOTi & Kenneth G trekking down a sandy walkway as a help to spaced out rhythms and immoderate vocal travail, letting it all dash into a bass massive furrow. Put out Filthy lucre features kind wobbly beats and fresh, dancehall tinged vocal snippets. Then, at the end of the day, Bojac & DSTRQT abduct things way profound, with minimalistic effects and a shady, techno-ish rifling. Means is undeniably the amicable of DJ gadget made for any forebears set – inc to mix, while providing lots of furore in its rhythms. Heldeep takes another wonderful plunge into its obscured gems, delivering three brilliant new DJ tools. For confident, East West does the job. Trip the light fantastic toe floor pleasing accouterments!

Kenneth G, MOTi - East West (Extended Mix)
Brohug - Make Money (Original Mix)
Bojac, DSTRQT - Formula (Extended Mix)