Dreamweavers – Callirrhoe Moon [Diventa Music]

This amazing album covers some of the finest tracks by Dreamweaver's.A smooth journey evoking emotion, beauty,sound-travel and magical sound-spaces, just as a river finds its way to the ocean. A selection of Chill-Out,Dub, Lounge, Electronic, House, Contemporary. All tracks on this album have been Re-Mastered for optimal listening pleasure.

Dreamweavers - Textures of Twilight (Re-Mastered)
Dreamweavers - Melt Into You (Re-Mastered)
Dreamweavers - Eagle's Breath (Re-Mastered)
Dreamweavers - Til the End of Time (Re-Mastered)
Dreamweavers - Callirrhoe Moon (Re-Mastered)
Dreamweavers - Love Fusion (Re-Mastered)
Dreamweavers - Dancing Clouds (Re-Mastered)
Dreamweavers - Lovers Dub (Re-Mastered)
Dreamweavers - Shine (Re-Mastered)
Dreamweavers - Liquid Dub (Re-Mastered)
Dreamweavers - Another Moon Another Sun (Re-Mastered)
Dreamweavers - Esparenza's Gallop (Re-Mastered)
Dreamweavers - Labyrinth of Dreams (Re-Mastered)
Dreamweavers - Transcend Beyond (Re-Mastered)