Dre’ (MT) – Feeling High [Dazed & Confused Records]

It's discern to discover the freshest and upcoming universal acts from hither the the world at large. A tough realm of possibilities between the two. He is here now to award us his most suitable two cuts to friend. Dazed & Baffling was established in Berlin during 2013. Dre' has been a home-owner in his nation for numerous years. This interval we deliver you Dre' from the Islet of Malta in Europe. Sensibility Great is the EP head rating and the essential footpath on the EP. Carefully crafted and timed percussions developing into a high-class half a second of felicity. A spectacular intuition along the claps and the perpetually changing percussions. The younger and concluding rails is 6am Sensation, a groovy and moping techno track with heady rides to be linked with the synth progressions. Big baselines and synths forge this railroad a top techno one for any caper minimum outside.

Dre' (MT) - Feeling High (Original Mix)
Dre' (MT) - 6.00am Success (Original Mix)