D/P/I – Composer [Shelter Press]

A everyday bubble begins, be like to the unfolding of complex accents via "defenceless wrongdoing" of using an plain djembe or conga: as the composer begins to inter-be entranced by the look/ theme, with a midi-mapped set of tangible knobs, controlling complex processes/effects — each inten/activity assumes it's own figure for that, little short of quantum-like, layer of improvisation — layer by layer, until the intelligible layers of resemble/patterns suffer with inherently developed into compositions that illustrate the specious-instability, stir, and dejection in period, here referred to as a immobile, unmoving b in the "macrocosm", that our gentle software is intrinsically dependent on to read these rhythms and the interval of the information sphere. D/P/I (Alex Gray) is a musician, DJ and visual artist from USA; he has made music subordinate to the alias of Beyond Voodoo and as a percentage of many Sun Araw Trios, Duos and Quartets. I rely on that music hasn't squandered the property of inter-being "beyond categorization". Now, most of the days, he plays drums, guitar, or saxophone at hospice for his other half & two cats. The number of a thesis can reveal exceptionally entirely/unconsciously with fair-minded a measure another parcel of the pointer hitting a drum, or the wrist getting pooped, causing trembling and stuttering that remote magnifies the beating solidity of the regularity and/ or virtuoso. Here he presents Composer. With electronics, it's particular physically, as you are not "hitting" anything, but the fasten together to the suppressed/comatose, remains analogous. I also expectancy that, to a slight limit, this album can act as a pharos of creativity for time to come generations, who are currently being wholly saturated by marketing theme for products and media that wishes do nothing but bewilder and disconcert them. Every arrangement to a fasten on seem/sequence can display complexities that were not manifest when the seem/measure started. This isn't a "techno", "theoretical", "unpractical", "leap", "IDM", or any "class" of album. Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at D+M.

"Composer" is an album of rhythms that, one time started, when all is said completed themselves without much input from the "Composer". I assumption you skilled in what I design. I hankering this album encourages people to about for themselves. This album was fun, overpowering and unpredictable until the day it was "finished". — Alex Gray, July 2016

D/P/I - Poly- (Original Mix)
D/P/I - Semantics (Original Mix)
D/P/I - Image Furnace (Original Mix)
D/P/I - Ecstatics (Original Mix)
D/P/I - Escape (Original Mix)
D/P/I - Acid (Original Mix)
D/P/I - Pattern/WAYTA? (Original Mix)