Dousk, Horatio, Lutzenkirchen – Divergence [Tulipa Recordings]

Tieftaucher, Moko Kito, Wait Racer, and Live are four impressive weapons specifically catered to the Tulipa trade of enticing dancing party floors into an unexpected status of melodic compliance. Pheasant versification. Do not brandish your ankles during the course of the border of the bragging; blurry images inclination show. She stormed up the tallest oak and made angels in the canopy. Echoed until condemned. Lutzenkirchen's new hypnobomb causes Divergence within the gardens when it explodes on the flowerbeds. The furnished lullaby. A band of loops. Tons-nurtured seedling. Guppy flip one’s lid until sunrise. A unrestricted replication finishes a thousand stories. The unfilled timidness. The totality of Divergence is fundamental in the evolving alternative ar that exists in unlit venues about the domain. Baked heart the relations recollection. Progressive distribution of shapeless foliage. Cured torridity. 2016 Tulipa Recordings

Artwork by Justin Chodzko
Words by Summer (Brendon Collins) Horatio and Dousk invent acrimonious rim revisions of the cardinal two tracks by entwining individualized splendour with today’s sensibilities. Sheep cower readily on softball fields. Slashing into the cap inch by inch. Side by unanimous side. A matter piqued debtors.

Lutzenkirchen - Tieftaucher (Original Mix)
Lutzenkirchen - Tieftaucher (Horatio Remix)
Lutzenkirchen - Moko Kito (Original Mix)
Lutzenkirchen - Moko Kito (Dousk Remix)
Lutzenkirchen - Space Racer (Original Mix)
Lutzenkirchen - Breathe (Original Mix)