Douchka – This Mood (feat. Hi Levelz) [Nowadays Records]

6 (Dwindle Seal). The Nowadays Vol.6 (Drop off Spool) resolution be out on October 7th 2016. Nowadays Records, referent French docket on the separated electronic music site, is presenting its new compilation, the Nowadays Vol. This 10 exclusives tracks issue is giving you the odds to heed to new productions from the Nowadays roaster such as Fakear, Douchka, Le Vasco or La High-grade Equipe as the founders of Nowadays Records got go in studio. Like any other stick released by Nowadays Records, this one brings its group of surprises with the primary collaboration of Douchka with a rapper in the mortal physically of Hi Levelz, the original French sang flap of Le Vasco, or the myriad facets of La Quality Equipe with the unilluminated and schizophrenic path Freaks, assembly the quartet and Hoosky, duo made of Oogo and Chomsky, who split their aspect personalities for the reason. At length, Nowadays Records use this set free to highlight a visual artist chosen to sire the wrap, made by Byzance for this reel. As customary, the French identification also shares its discoveries with Lain, Woodwire or Romain Jovion, and the admirable ecumenical cross swords with with the duo Haute, already spotted by Radio Nova. You'll also attend to some artists who left side their label on this year Nowadays Parties (Brim-full Crate, Cotton Catch) by answering to the allurement in the most sublime way.

Douchka - This Mood feat. Hi Levelz (Original Mix)