Double Ash, Denny Pascal, Charlie Coke, Housedoctors – Best Off House Doctors [SoftSet Records]

SoftSet records presents compilation most qualified of Strain Doctors !Voting for most favourite tracks of remixes by Charlie Coke, Denny Pascal and Double Ash.Electronic music – an surprising symbiosis of cultural traditions from everywhere the domain

Housedoctors - After Ten (Original Mix)
Housedoctors - Midnight Fever (Original Mix)
Housedoctors - Something Sweet (Original Mix)
Housedoctors - Natura (Original Mix)
Housedoctors - Midnight Lover (Original Mix)
Housedoctors - Gheto PornStar (Original Mix)
Housedoctors - Something Sweet (Charlie Coke Remix) (Charlie Coke Remix)
Housedoctors - After Ten (Denny Pascal Remix) (Denny Pascal Remix)
Housedoctors - Midnight Fever (Double Ash Remix) (Double Ash Remix)