Dot Product, Acid Lab, Simon Bean, Paluca – Temnota [Pinecone Moonshine]

Paluca's interest trail, Temnota, starts with a low rumble and a prolonged chord. Simon Bean's Adaptations combines bleak resonating tones with a jazzier crash that has car-like sequencing as if the design is falling down and restarting. The drums are fragmented with stutters, pauses, and other changes ups like some of the breakier delayed '90s Drum and Bass. Temnota is darker than the established Pinecone A reverberate. Bass sounds that subdue middle of holes in the throb add to the pulverized sensation. As a garnering it should blow in across more expectant, or buoyant in spite of the unfeeling timbres and somber, ponderous unfixed notes. Two minutes into the mix, the sub bass absolutely comes help of supporting the severe punt drums. Artwork by Damage and Border. Which Way by Acid Lab and Paluca starts with low piano notes and lowering strings which abruptly give up when the drums open. In the second voice, a half-stretch allot changes the vibe to something laid wager formerly dropping go into the loose-paced time. The concord loops and distorts until ultimately it fades out leaving justifiable percussion and bass. Dot Offering's Five People sits in the odd rhythm signature of 9/4. Following in borderline with the debilitated, programmed judge of the other tracks, Five People also weaves plastic percussion and snippets of voices into the pauses of the essential drums. Mastered by Macc. The beat is invariable in the Tech Impression sort with unusual drum sounds being layered in for permuting.

Paluca - Temnota (Original Mix)
Simon Bean - Adaptations (Original Mix)
Acid Lab, Paluca - Which Way (Original Mix)
Dot Product - 254i 113j 83k (Five People)