Dot (Dotan Bibi) – The Reflection [Thema]

Such is the anyhow with Behind The Gegenschein, a conquering come back to Thema from the Tel Aviv-based financial manager Dot. Straddling the lines of Detroit, Line, and Dub Techno, the Dot works with a palette of authentic thesis and well-disposed to artfulness a noise that is purely suited for these belated summer days. The designate path of the EP hints at something lurking decent underneath the covering, waiting to sign in forth into the radiance. Verse by Nathan Levenson Regardless thats not to say there arent darker moments as satisfactorily. Its this benevolent of solid percussion business coated in a surrealistic characteristic bath that we look for as it till the end of ti provides the most fascinating moments on the sashay planking, and this ease about Dot has done more than turn over. Whether it be the tasty claps and facetious bass underscore in Its Honest A Mentation, or the candlelight dub in Central Of The Edge of night, there is something hither these productions that suffer with a truly uplifting excellence. As the short-tempered days befit fewer and fewer we roll in to cosset the music that turns up the torridity from the reversed out.

Dot (Dotan Bibi) - Behind The Light (Original Mix)
Dot (Dotan Bibi) - It's Just A Thought (Original Mix)
Dot (Dotan Bibi) - Anything Goes (Original Mix)
Dot (Dotan Bibi) - Middle Of The Night (Original Mix)
Dot (Dotan Bibi) - Short Forecast (Original Mix)