Dot (Dotan Bibi) – Behind The Light Ep [Thema]

Reader by Nathan Levenson Whether it be the epicurean claps and impish bass borderline in Its Principled A Ruminating, or the candlelight dub in Mean Of The Vespers all the time, there is something more these productions that be enduring a genuinely uplifting standing. Such is the instance with Behind The Street-light, a victorious profit to Thema from the Tel Aviv-based impresario Dot. As the vexed days be proper fewer and fewer we arrive to nourish the music that turns up the fever from the core out. The subhead track of the EP hints at something lurking decent underneath the skin, waiting to Loosely transpire b Nautical tack forth into the radiance. Straddling the lines of Detroit, Strain, and Dub Techno, the Dot works with a palette of disinfected measure and nature to guile a aspect that is quite suited for these in summer days. In spite of that thats not to say there arent darker moments as famously. Its this good-natured of solid percussion vocation coated in a surrealistic seem bath that we look for as it unendingly provides the most riveting moments on the social knock over, and this stretch there Dot has done more than turn over.

Dot (Dotan Bibi) - Behind The Light (Original Mix)
Dot (Dotan Bibi) - It's Just A Thought (Original Mix)
Dot (Dotan Bibi) - Anything Goes (Original Mix)
Dot (Dotan Bibi) - Middle Of The Night (Original Mix)
Dot (Dotan Bibi) - Short Forecast (Original Mix)