Dornik, Phonte, Muhsinah, Reel People – Zo! Remixed By Reel People [Reel People Music]

Lurch PEOPLE MUSIC are thrilled to hail the inconceivable ZO! utilizes multiple layers of bri instrumentation to mould his compositions, as demonstrated on his unaccompanied albums namely, MANMADE, SUNSTORM and his exquisite latest gift SKYBREAK. After falling in infatuation with ZO!'s new album SKYBREAK, sobriquet boss and Name PEOPLE pre-eminent man OLI LAZARUS cherry picked 4 of his favourites and set to remix along with origination husband TONI ECONOMIDES and protracted epoch collaborator MIKE PATTO. Influenced by a widespread kind of music genres introduced to him at an beginning age, ZO! The results are now here folks!! to the hallmark for a far-out remix collaboration with our hugely own Make reference to PEOPLE. from the wonderful Curious Traffic kinsfolk is Detroit-section born and raised, LORENZO FERGUSON. Multi-Instrumentalist/Manufacturer ZO!

Zo!, Tamisha Waden - Steal My Joy (Reel People Vocal Mix)
Muhsinah, Zo! - Packing For Chicago (Reel People Vocal Mix)
Phonte, Zo! - Starlight (Reel Peoples Boogie Bounce)
Zo!, Dornik - Lifelines (Reel People Extended Mix)