DOPRT – In The Pit [Hap Pines Records]

New deliver contains a shade of dwelling-place music effects all in every part of the EP, giving it that polished and smart ring. A rocking bassline takes us including a wonderful progress, while another other and energized bass refrain kicks in to lead a more novel be together to the railroad. We proudly contemporary our new liberate

Giggle: Surrounds the listener to a everyday roll of inventiveness that certainly creates en temperamental experience.

DOPRT - In The Pit (Original Mix)
DOPRT - Double Cross (Original Mix)
DOPRT - Man Tek (Original Mix)
DOPRT - Gysin (Original Mix)
DOPRT - On Your Todd (Original Mix)
DOPRT - No Way Out (Original Mix)
DOPRT - Pulse For Harvest (Original Mix)
DOPRT - Last Drop (Original Mix)
DOPRT - Road Trip (Original Mix)
DOPRT - Limbs (Original Mix)
DOPRT - Rest In Hell (Original Mix)
DOPRT - Animal Calypso (Original Mix)
DOPRT - Working Overtime (Original Mix)
DOPRT - Informator (Original Mix)
DOPRT - New Slowsick (Original Mix)
DOPRT - Strange War (Original Mix)
DOPRT - Time Repeat (Original Mix)