Don Lon, Jordan Trove, Richie Bradley, Persephone – The World Ep [Hush Digital]

The Humankind brings you more from the eclectic Persephone, who is not defined by one class. Along with the remixes, you can tr every order of romp music combined with these tracks to produce an awesome compilation of all forms of electronic music. From Abode, to Down Time to Dub-stride in keeping with; Bringing the lilting talents alongside new caper music makes for a active and resonating Soundtrack that is established to hit the anima. With apocalyptic spooky, airy vocals combined with medieval lute and piano to initiate a compelling prescient modernized hymn.

Persephone - The World (Original Mix)
Persephone - The World (Richie Bradley Remix)
Persephone - The World (Jordan Trove Pacific Club Remix)
Persephone - The World (Don Lon Remix)
Persephone - In My Dreams (Original Eclectic Mix)