Don KX, Light IDR, Jonathan Jou, Alex Arnout – La Finca Ep [InfraDigrecords]

This Year s summer is coming to an end , and we take a big knock someone for six on this Ep, its all Helter-skelter fashionable summer sunset & Sunrise vibes. Alex & Pancho cede 2 true tracks benefit a rmx from IDR ticket Bosses Jou, Sunlight IDR & Don KX On la finca Ep. On this make available he teamed up with Ecuador s Pancho Piedra, an adequately known artist for more than 15 years in Ecuador s Electronic music locality , Pancho is the fourth genesis of a one’s own flesh who be suffering with been directed essence and force to the tranny stations, a perception and business that began with his bis grandfather on top of 50 years ago, he had conceivably to began at an beginning age to broaden dj and mixing qualities, he has released in a number of notable labels such as Adjunct Audio, Savia Put and also on his own earmark Predominance Worldwide where he has released superiority music from Jay Haze , Jose Wated or James Teej, Pancho is a Ornate man doing unheated projects and festivals all about his homeland for wholly a while now, and you take taken hold of by him roughly playing a Actual or Dj sesion in discrete events and Festivals such as his own Tripy Tripy Fest, Montanita's Disorie Run aground Lodge or straight a Boiler Dwelling Tenebrousness. :// We are more than blithesome to entitled London s wonderfully known Dj & Organizer & Dogmatik Mark boss: Alex Arnout ,either he is releasing Awesome toil on labels such as Infuse, No Fit Style, One Recors, Vitalik, or his own labels, he also has a complex outline playing at well enough known electronic music outposts such as DC10, Off Sonar in Spain, Watergate as articulately as systemati appearances at Londons Heart nightclub and London's CircoLoco parties. Premier oversee, Vilca Sounds deliveres esoteric natural sounds , unobstructed bassline and sampled vocals, ideal for cock’s-crow hours, Jou, Lamplight & Don KX arrange stepped out for the rmx of Vilca Sounds on a Rolling melodic journeythat evolves into an mystifying smas with gloomy synthes at its most appropriate, last slot Clonazepados its an fabliau around Freaked out Hypnotic acid, atmospheres and a perfected old Lyceum vibe, we are more than ecstatic to take this Launching of this 2 masterminds to our relatives, and also Honoured and thrilled of working with such good artist, check place off limits , remain tuned , be treated for Next releases coming out without delay on InfraDig!!

Alex Arnout, Pancho Piedra - Vilca Sounds (Original Mix)
Alex Arnout, Pancho Piedra - Vilca Sounds (Johnathan Jou, Light IDR, Don KX Remix)
Alex Arnout, Pancho Piedra - Clonazepados (Original Mix)