Domineeky, Good Voodoo Society – All The Girls (domineeky Dub) [Good Voodoo Music ]

All right Voodoo Polite society has had homage and fortify from DJs including:
Michael Fossati, Ray Coclough, Benoit Carretier, Jon Sweetname, Karl Frampton (Seamless Recordings / Sidetrak Records) , Christian Hurley (Chicago Abode FM), Dustin Kinney (5 Periodical), Ian Carey, Chilli Davis, Rob Warner, DJ Nova, Gene Farris, This is why we bop, Bottomless Animated Look (UM Records/Stocky Music), Matt Prehn, Joey Silvero (Ceremonious People), Severino Panzetta, DJ Elroy, Chris Udoh, Benji Candelario, Marky (Vital spirit Skies) and numerous more. Passable Voodoo Polite society is an eclectic collective who produce together their enjoyment of abyssal dynasty, African and Latin rhythms, electro and psyche to profile a intermingle which is all of their own. Okay Voodoo Mankind – All The Girls (Domineeky Dub)

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Good Voodoo Society - All The Girls (Domineeky Dub)
Good Voodoo Society - All The Girls (Original Mix)