Domenique РMetamorphose [Amour x Psych̩]

Additional he should be au fait of his emotions: on the one round of applause the exhilarated and melancholic and on the other leg up the gloomy and choose boring side. In appendage to the tuneful function to each track there is a limited artwork which was made while listening to the tracks and is based on the heartfelt expressions which were triggered by the sounds. Occasionally it goes the other way as marvellously: the footmarks starts in a elated way and turns into a deeper vibe. By doing so the listener should discern his own feelings and try to fully let himself go. The aim of mtamorphose is to proffer a voyage to the listener. The pieces indeed many times start completely joyless and then the sympathetic turns into something affectionate to bag the audience from the deeper spheres.

Domenique - Malheureusement (Original Mix)
Domenique - Fillamente (Original Mix)