Dodi Palese, Lars Von Licht – From Arrows [Connaisseur Recordings]

It has been almost almost 6 years since our last release on our sub-imprint Supe'rieur, which was reserved for special and very unique tracks needing a special placement.
Lars von Licht's "From Arrows" is exactly one of this sort: An almost 15min live jam, both simple and sophisticated. A track for special moments and for special people, perfect for reanimating Supe'rieur. One of the frst persons whom I gave this tune last year's summer was Lee Burridge, who played it straight away at Burning Man.
Admittedly, this release took some time, but we wanted to fnd the right moment and the right remixer. We considered many options but came back to one of our own people in the end.
Dodi Palese who released his Connaisseur debut earlier this year, felt like the right person to challenge this track and we were right. He has transformed it into a tribalistic high energy bomb, with an unexpected, big synth theme, blowing you away.
Yes, we are more than happy about this release and it was well worth the wait.

Lars Von Licht - From Arrows (Original Mix)
Lars Von Licht - From Arrows (Dodi Palese Remix)