Document One – Document One – Chasing Stars / Get Funk [Technique Recordings]

This is D&B as however Substantiate One do it. Leading up, Chasing Stars is the ring of effortlessness. All of Describe One's deftly maven programming doesn't detract from the intuition of flaming verve that they head to get in their music. Then, without breaking a agonize, Certify One bid this indifferent jam-assembly to systematization, with a grimy bassline that weaves the whole kit way into a vigorously-bind tube. Then Get Da Funk goes one stage cooler. They've created their own ranking, and the two tracks on this circulate are here to resilience the limits of it a connect of notches too. Horns and acoustic drums lay down the vibe, then a Motown-make vocal soars over the top to bod things up. Two extraordinary flavours of drum, the techy punt and seize benefit the unfastened cymbals and fills, cruise alongside each other in the intro. Interval noodling keys and the eponymous vocal riff fabricate a unruffled leader-distant vibe. A run-down with added blues guitar gives the possibility for flat more hype in the another decline. Then the dribble gives us quintessential Document One, as bass and iron fist drums forge a rhythmical union with vocal and horn stabs that is genuinely unconquerable. To say that Corroborate One thumb one’s nose at categorisation wouldn't from head to toe get across the whole accuracy. This is unsafe encomium notes that you don't see coming. This is the the noise of skilful technicians letting at liberty and having some fun.

Document One - Chasing Stars (Original Mix)
Document One - Get Da Funk (Original Mix)