Doctah X – Sarno Project [Boom One Records]

The inspiration for "Sarno Project" came after Doctah X viewed the film "Oka!" which is the story of Louis Sarno, an American ethno-musicologist who lived among the Bayaka Pygmies in Central Africa for 25 years. Doctah X began communicating with Louis Sarno and started to mull over the idea of adding electronic sounds and soundscapes along with quirky-off kilter electronic rides to some nine hours of field recordings Louis had sent Doctah X.

Doctah X's "Sarno Project" is an epic voyage in the footsteps of his earlier album "Agent From Kabul." This journey takes us deep in to the Central African Congo with hypnotic percussion, Bayaka Pygmy chanting, deep bass, and psychedelic effects. Utilizing field recordings of the Bayaka in the Congo Rainforest of Central Africa, Doctah X has painted the travels through the Congo in a dreamlike, hazy reality of fact and fiction.

Doctah X - Boyobi (Original Mix)
Doctah X - Malaria (Original Mix)
Doctah X - Night Noizes (Original Mix)
Doctah X - Elephant (Original Mix)
Doctah X - Light and Mystery (Original Mix)
Doctah X - Baaka Nyabingi (Original Mix)
Doctah X - Faith (Original Mix)
Doctah X - Not In Kansas (Anymore) (Original Mix)
Doctah X - Gritz (Original Mix)
Doctah X - Watah Riddem (Original Mix)