Doc Sleep, Anna Leopolder, Ena Lind – The Wisdom To Know The Difference [Twirl Recordings]

Her forceful and funky workout cleverly slithers and builds, superbly rounding out this unreal combination. The fundamental year of releases from hallmark runners Shaun J. Wright. Next up is 'Sadie', a irate, definitive counci platoon with haunting synths, a bubbling bassline and emotive, Latin flavored percusision. Filled with edgy pads and a chunkier bassline, Leopolder's remix skillfully maintains the primeval's vibrant pressure while winding the listener deeper into the depths of the shades of night. DJ and making practised Anna Leopolder turns the unique guts-out with her unilluminated, brooding remix. Lind's mastery as a dancefloor maestro legitimately shines because of in this epic, culmin- hour overthrow filler. This strong scent winds slyly all the dancefloor before enveloping dancers in its overjoyed peaks. The discharge opens with the archetypal mix of the appellation line 'The Acuten To Recollect The Inconsistency', a thorough-going building stria with funky tribal rhythms, tasty yet keen strings, and punchy scream stabs. Jacktone Records co-gofer Doc Rest develops upon the novel's haunting elements by reimagining the euphony into a stomping, fateful techno banger. Next up is a spectacular EP from Berlin based DJ, farmer and Heap co-builder Ena Lind. The damaged year of releases has included the critically lauded 'ILL Metropolis Retreat' EP from Spatial Awareness and the leading 'Don't Encounter It' from Stereogamous featuring Shaun J. Wright & Alinka featured remixes from the likes of Kim Ann Foxman, JD Samson, Snuff Gang and Lil' Indication, with brace from BBC Portable radio 1's Annie Mac and Heidi, alongside unequalled artists Kenny Glasgow, Channel Armada and Robert Owens. The Coil dearest continues to successfully broaden articulately into its flawed year as a sought after imprint.

Ena Lind - The Wisdom To Know The Difference (Original Mix)
Ena Lind - The Wisdom To Know The Difference (Anna Leopolder Remix)
Ena Lind - Sadie (Original Mix)
Ena Lind - Sadie (Doc Sleep Remix)