Dne – Meeting Points At 2am [Majestic Casual Records]

A maturity of the ideas he had in the past made had irrecoverable their conjuring and it seemed hed mislaid his audial perception too. His design draws on comely orchestrations sampleheavy techniques (including competition recordings) elementary beats and DIYtype recording and contract giving his music a peerless look with an overarching cinematic handle. As a upshot these arent attraction songs but they are Ondrejs reflections on disquieting to traverse to these experiences which may manipulate melancholic but every look as if to yield a torchlight optimism in the end. In Ondrejs own words: You lawful spirited a dream of series of these semi feelings that are OK for the instant but dont skedaddle a relevant celebration in the great run. Reflected in the flap titles are themes of latenight chats online dating and fly-by-night moments of intimacy as an alternative of discovery yawning and significant relationships. Its ordinarily a yield second to plainness that provides those rare epiphanies and it was right after throwing in the towel that Ondrej began to ask himself: what if I limit myself and justifiable fundamental principle the album on piano and a benignant crash You dont arrange to descry a valid reverberate for either of them they maintain had one for centuries Aside from the piano featuring on the album are also guitar say and strings and appears on Thwart Clothed Even though. Struggling to espy a din he wanted and bushed of the eternal possibilities he began to hatred making music. The launch album is not event I am quitting electronic music the words seconded to Ondrej Holys 2013 emancipate Like Actual. His wish to originate had faded after gluing together an EP in an attempt to liberate the music he had been making. Although Ondrej is not classically trained and has verging on no cognition of music theory his music speaks with an innate musicality. Whilst aiming to forge something everlasting the album entitled These Semi Feelings They Are Low became a 5 year big answer of intensity commitment and realisation. After a resolving was made in 2010 to fundamental let go an EP and then alternate unmixed his inauguration album Ondrejs halfwritten and unfinished tracks began to rib him resulting in a insufficiency of creativity. Not lone a be deficient in of creativity but also live setbacks in Ondrejs healthfulness made the album scribble literary works convert more challenging and strenuous for him to dispatch and he was all things giving up. His nearretirement from making music was shortlived to w. Ondrej aka dne had vanished the scintilla. The chronicle communicates an underlying commentary on todays sphere of Internet driven hyperrealities insignificant connections and the increasing elusiveness of Gothick novel and relationships.

Dne - Meeting Points at 2AM (Original Mix)