DMVU, Harvey J, Clinton Sly, Dirt Monkey – Chroma [Kairos Audio]

It is a fit undertaking of all the contrasting types of music I've been into, and a intrepid asseveration of where I wish for to grasp my calling & what I lust after to be known for…" – Patrick Megeath aka Soil Imp

Each way can abide on it's own and as a entirety shape up a peerless and jammed portion of art. To be clever to be born the skills obligatory to develop multiple styles of cavort music is a key ingredient to a in's longevity and business. Distributed By Symphonic Apportionment – "Chroma is an eclectic fusion of genres that takes listeners on a colorful transit in the course seem. With four tracks on the album being written while traveling by attendants between shows in 2015, this collection of real tracks is a unswerving sentimentalism view to Earth Butt and the assiduity today. Now perpetual his own trade name, Kairos Audio with playmate Jantsen, as excellently as undergoing a new music prepare, Ooze Victim has certainly been up to a lot recently. Later bass, hold, lineage and a endless array of other styles and grooves are all represented in 'CHROMA'. 'CHROMA' is a significant chapter in Foulness Mischief-maker's pursuit and certainly is a distinguished and undaunted work.

Dirt Monkey - Chroma (Original Mix)
Dirt Monkey, The Wolfe - Combination Style (Original Mix)
Dirt Monkey, Seraiah - Battlestar Dirtlactica (feat. Seraiah) (Original Mix)
Dirt Monkey - Truffle Shuffle (Original Mix)
Dirt Monkey, Clinton Sly - Work It (feat. Clinton Sly) (Original Mix)
Dirt Monkey - Maui Sunrise (Original Mix)
Dirt Monkey, Harvey J - Super Saiyan (feat. Harvey J) (Original Mix)
Dirt Monkey, DMVU - Cosmic Rose (Original Mix)
Dirt Monkey - Rainbow Road (Original Mix)
Dirt Monkey - The Juice (Original Mix)
Dirt Monkey - Gum Drops (Original Mix)