Dmitry Distant – Lucifer & Lust [Electronic Emergencies]

On this mini album, he grasps our distinction with minimalistic catalepsy-like rhythms covered in fluctuating piercing melodies, using wonderful analogue sounds and crazy instruments such as the energized violin…. Showing where his ardency lies, Dmitry experiments on the on the very point of of techno, tide and industrial. The 6 tracks by the Russian-born artist who currently resides in Latvia over the heavens of the Baltic and the mystic sides of electronic music. Lucifer & Sexuality is a mini album by Dmitry Reserved, showcasing the dissimilitude of his knack.

Dmitry Distant - Atrum (Original Mix)
Dmitry Distant - Castel Di Leva (Original Mix)
Dmitry Distant - Ombre De Mon Ame featuring Neela Netra (Original Mix)
Dmitry Distant - Hierophant (Original Mix)
Dmitry Distant - Lucifer's Gospel (Original Mix)
Dmitry Distant - Escape (Original Mix)