DM, BETTER KICKS – Let Me Go/let Me Go (dm Remix) [Diablo Loco]

He has not quite won the strive with but Richer recons Kicks performed a new dissolute Tech-Funk move away entitled "Let Me Go" and together with Russian fit bachelor Luchador DM (who came over for succour) they've managed to upset him in the plethora where he was arrested by Japonese fleet policemen! During the fracas he performed the "Tsunami Smash" remove where he turns into a Goliath tsunami the anyway colors as his clothing! DIABLO LOCO RECORDS is the new grandeur brand focused on Tech-Funk, Electro-Line, Tech-Breaks noise by top artists of the oecumenical area. DIABLO LOCO RECORDS "THE Accuracy BEHIND THE Camouflage" Inspired by the unwritten Mexican wrestling enlightenment and the illustrious Luchadores the mark aim to cart top kind singles, remixes, compilations and devise! He seems to be struck by a allure with robots and he tricked the brothers into viewpoint that he could slay titan monsters in Japon, but in accuracy, he was a dastard. Megawatt and his fellow-clansman Potato Patata Jr aka Richer recons KICKS were attractive some holidays in the unusual islet of Japon, crusing the drab streets of Tokyo where they've got a confront from "El Gundamo" The corrupt Luchador aims to be the horridness warden of Itty-bitty Tokyo and takes lessons from Kyoto (a sensei who resembles a pink bunny).

BETTER KICKS - Let Me Go (Original Mix)
BETTER KICKS - Let Me Go (DM Remix)