DJ Steevo, Magnus International, 2 Billion Beats – Revolutions / Warm Feeling [Paper Recordings]

It's been a extensive duration coming but 2 Billion Beats' coming out album is in condition to pop and here's the damaged EP to be charmed from it. It delivers a surefire quote for all the function jocks. This intention grab you to the stars & aba whilst stopping off in the basements for a top up. Touch Presentiment is a melting pot of jacking-disco-jazz tinged strain music with the soft vocals of Dieter that extremely partners up with the soaring pads, busty Rhodes & firecracker percussion. He takes the B-score in to an NRG instructing, thumps the drums and lets the Rhodes do it's m whilst using synths and delayed vocals to donate the wake trace dynamics. Norway's Magnus Worldwide steps in untried from one of the albums of the year on Prins Thomas' Full Pupp. It features some abundant cosmic squelches & squeaks already an arp hits to change position things up a materiel to the backdrop remarkable 'massy". Irrevocably Italy's DJ Steevo goes congested on dancing party storey nu-disco shaker for his mix of Spirited Presentiment. He takes Revolutions and straddles techno and abode for a mix that is uninfected uttermost measure heads down hoisting gear for tougher floors. Revolutions struts its way onto the dance make fall for a keep up with that is inscrutable, sound and aimed squarely between the eyes.

2 Billion Beats - Revolutions (Original Mix)
2 Billion Beats - Warm Feeling (Original Mix)
2 Billion Beats - Revolutions (Magnus International Remix)
2 Billion Beats - Warm Feeling (DJ Steevo Remix)