DJ SraH – Demos [Symphonic Distribution]

In 2009, at the age of 19, I started experimenting with digitally creating sounds. Among the genres of music I have been influenced by, rap and hip hop had a powerful impact on me. Because of this, I started making rap beats that I could use to write raps and freestyle rap over. This album, DemoS, contains the very first beats I ever made. If you are a rapper who likes to freestyle, this is a perfect album for you to perhaps write rap over while listening to the beats, or to cypher over with a group of other fellow rappers, for fun. Otherwise, if you're just here to support me in my music venture, I suggest this album as an easy listening vibe of instrumental beats; maybe background music while working, or something along those lines. ENJOY! Distributed By Symphonic Distribution –

DJ SraH - Big Base (Original Mix)
DJ SraH - Streets (Original Mix)
DJ SraH - Dark (Original Mix)
DJ SraH - Creep (Original Mix)
DJ SraH - Stadium (Original Mix)
DJ SraH - Doo Wopp (Original Mix)
DJ SraH - Sick (Original Mix)
DJ SraH - Feminine ShadowZ (Original Mix)
DJ SraH - Suspense (Original Mix)
DJ SraH - PhaT (Original Mix)
DJ SraH - Dark Beat (Original Mix)
DJ SraH - Happy Beat (Original Mix)
DJ SraH - Underwater (Original Mix)