DJ Recspect, M1sta Wyte, Azurah, Profit Z – Way We Live [Symphonic Distribution]

From serving in the armed forces, to serving while in the Texas house of correction practice, Profit Z shows you that he is more than his past and that his time to come is dazzling. Distributed By Symphonic Grouping – Agreeable to Way We Active by Profit Z. He is an artist with a romance to advertise. His reputation is Profit Z and he is more than a rapper. Raised in Denver, Colorado. On his introduction EP, Way We Combustible, he grabs creation especially from M1sta Wyte, and additional construction from producers Flobama, Ruler Why, and MasoOon. While some in the hip hop fraternity extol guns, drugs and doing occasion, Profit Z gives you a another point of view of living Sometimes non-standard due to those struggles from the spunk of a metrist who is a submissive titan. Born in Los Angeles, California. Basis planted in Austin, Texas for all through a decade. Profit Z introduces his continually-changing spout with perfervid articulation while speaking on things that are complete to the ticker.

Profit Z - Futuristic (Original Mix)
Azurah, Profit Z - Way We Live (feat. Azurah) (Original Mix)
Profit Z, M1sta Wyte - Unleashed (feat. M1sta Wyte) (Original Mix)
Profit Z - Crazy (Original Mix)
Profit Z, DJ Recspect - Excite The Mic (feat. DJ Recspect) (Original Mix)
Profit Z - Give It Up (Original Mix)
Profit Z, M1sta Wyte - Gwop And Doe (feat. M1sta Wyte) (Original Mix)