DJ Quadradex, Schneider Electric, Schneider Electric, Dreaman – Unity [Flying Music Reloaded]

Each of the co-authors take made a contribution to it, a share of himself. Let this music swop you a bead of charitableness, a ray of street lamp and awaken you on your own imaginative exploits. Dreaman wrote it together with colleagues and friends. Creativity can bring about people together, originate them Joint and committed to the simple well-spring. Creativity has a unexcelled power. Power that can goad people to start, to initiate something new, something prominent for our cosmos, to donate thrust to the enlargement of the hominid intellect. This album is the follow-up of joint resourceful exertion of unalike DJs and musicians.

Dreaman - Cold Winter Sun (Intro) (Original Mix)
Dreaman - Time For A Change (Schneider Electric Remix)
Dreaman, Anna Kaskova, Dick Stein - I Am For You (Original Mix)
Dreaman - Rain & Flame (Original Mix)
Dreaman, Devil Dragon Tatoo - Passing of Time (Light Extended Version)
Dreaman, Electronic Rain Project - New Way (Original Mix)
Dreaman, The Meals - Cognition (Original Mix)
Dreaman - Justice (Original Mix)
Dreaman - Time For A Change (Radio Mix)
Dreaman - The Path (DJ QuadRadex Remix)
Dreaman - Justice (Lite Mix)
Dreaman, The Meals - Cognition (Epilogue)
Schneider Electric, Dreaman - Away (Original Mix)