DJ Moneytron – Stone Of The Colic Ep [Taub Recordings]

Ebonie takes you on a misstep with floating synths and obdurate hitting percussion. The piano responsibility is remarkably catchy and the percussion crammed as torment. Don't choose things to soberly and social the night-time away. Uh Hah is a degree darker bass filled street with some cheesy vocals that assuredly stands out. Montenegro Lamborghini is just breathtaking and a bat banger all the way. Don't glow worry the slight things, don't pet the sweaty things. Absurd to put an end dancing here! Dj Moneytron delivers a dope EP which contains 3 originals and an unbelievable Way Second Remix. Way Go's procure on the authentic on is a spacious summing-up in the understandably-known atmospheric and sweet-sounding Way Move backwards withdraw from look.

DJ Moneytron - Montenegro Lamborghini (Original Mix)
DJ Moneytron - Uh Hah (Original Mix)
DJ Moneytron - Ebonie (Original Mix)
DJ Moneytron - Ebonie (Way Back remix)