DJ MARTIAN – Signal [Climax Label]

DJ MARTIAN presents the release 337 in Climax Label. 3 Original Electronic techno tracks and 2 DJ Tools. First track is Signal. A Electronic Techno tune with a very great melody. Soft techno track. Second track is Desert Signal. A Techno tune with great powerful sound. Catchy melody and great rhythm. Other version of signal is The End Of Signal. More soft version. The other two track are DJ Tools. Fine Signal. With great pads and good future sounds and Signal Strong Light. Combination of rims an melodies. Excellent work. Very powerful Melodies. Release 337 in Climax Label. DJ MARTIAN.

DJ MARTIAN - Signal (Original Mix)
DJ MARTIAN - Desert Signal (Original Mix)
DJ MARTIAN - The End Signal (Original Mix)
DJ MARTIAN - Fine Signal (Original Mix)
DJ MARTIAN - Signal Strong Light (Original Mix)