DJ Dirty One, Raket – Wj Kru 1 [Wicked Jungle Records LLC]

As ever DJ Grimy One intermingles old grammar samples and storm sfx with new D&B vibes creating a signature ball whip aspect. Lions Pad VIP slams the speakers with firm rolling drums and a distorted 808 b-edging. The basic features Raket's Breakbeat Dominator, a hip hop fueled Jungle barrel. Blasphemous Jungle Presents the Mephistophelian Jungle Kru is a series of varied singles, each featuring two Sacrilegious Jungle artists. DJ Sooty One returns to Demoniacal Jungle with a driving drum & bass unison aimed speedily at the skip minimum. Chopped breaks and unfathomable stupendous sub bass are reminiscent of a standard Jungle vibe, but Raket brings a unsophisticated stylishness and fresh development making this a strain for the Jungle raves of 2016!

Raket - Breakbeat Dominator (Original Mix)
DJ Dirty One - Lions Walk VIP (Original Mix)