DJ Dani – Loving Arms [Individual Identity Music]

We kick off the cool, autumn months on Individual Identity Music with a tune that's sure to warm things up a bit! It's all smooth sailing from here on out and we're very happy to introduce a brand new debut on the imprint! Please give a warm welcome to DJ Dani and his new track, 'Loving Arms' to the #INDFamily!

Let's just say this tune is one that should not be missed or overlooked! From the very beginning, this song sets the perfect tone by easing in the crowd with smooth percussion and subtle tones, making it a perfect pick for building up energy in any mix or playlist. As the track begins to pick up speed, it opens up more like a pair of 'Loving Arms', ready to catch its listeners as they fall into it's musical glory. At Individual Identity Music, we certainly look forward to more from DJ Dani in the future!

Individual Identity Music / 2016

DJ Dani - Loving Arms (Original Mix)