DJ Beeso – Abe’ Yistini [Car Crash Set]

DJ Beeso first appeared on Car Crash Set way back in 2012 on No Northwest Cycle 2 EP #2 as Kimnusico Trio. Since then, DJ Beeso has released the excellent, dreamy "Hayiilka" on Hush Hush Records and now he returns to C/C/S with "Abe' Yistini". The EP takes off with "Hypnotic", a jacking house headfake that erupts into a trap stagger. "Searching" features an acid line and juke kicks rumbling under a rolling hats while "In Love2" features crisp, head nodding street beats. The EP ends with the stunning "Zajj Lid2", a foggy, distant house track with a flute riff to guide the way. Truly unique riddims from a unique artist!

DJ Beeso - Hypnotic (Original Mix)
DJ Beeso - Searching (Original Mix)
DJ Beeso - In Love2 (Original Mix)
DJ Beeso - Zajj Lid2 (Original Mix)