DJ Aroma, Techno Frühstück – Nebel [Twin Town Productions]

"Nebel" is the latest Techno Frühstück EP, that once again allows us to dance and dream simultaneously.
The eponymous title track combines Lisa's atmospheric vocals with warm synthy sounds, then pushes us with its impressive bass and captivating bells straight to the dance floor.
Even more exciting is the EP's remix by DJ Aroma, resident DJ at Berlin's Ritter Butzke Club. Hypnotic drums hover just under a constant and steady bass line, impressively showcasing her 15 years of DJ experience (among other career milestones she may look back upon a period as one of the first residents at the well-known club "Ostgut", now "Berghain").
The final track "Lichtung" completes and rounds this EP. With its fresh and playful drum elements its undertone moves slow and steady towards a wonderful summer feeling.

Techno Frühstück - Nebel (Original Mix)
Techno Frühstück - Nebel (DJ Aroma Remix)
Techno Frühstück - Lichtung (Original Mix)