DJ Aflow – Addicted [Car Crash Set]

A be obliged for fans of juke, do not doze! "Race Land" channels Legislative body-O-Matics bangs with sub rattling low end and a hyperkinetic scratch. "Addicted" opens with the headline route, rolling kicks signal the drop away into a victorious horn riff. Car Smash Set is proud to let "Addicted" from DJ Aflow, a Japanese regisseur whose tracks encapsulate a jesting and bumpy lay hold of on juke that is typically restricted to Chicago diocese limits. DJ Aflow applies his keen output to betimes 00s R&B on the dense "Nothing Like Loving You" and the streetsweeping "Jealousy".

DJ Aflow - Addicted (Original Mix)
DJ Aflow - House Nation (Original Mix)
DJ Aflow - Nothing Like Loving You (Original Mix)
DJ Aflow - Jealousy (Original Mix)