Distant Memories – The Beginner! Ep [Delta Studios]

The Ep from the title already promises a jump into the electronic dance scene, when everything started, The Beginner!, indeed.
The first track, No Idea, with its rarefied and deep atmosphere, leads us toward a crescendo of well distinguishable textures such as mesmerizing settings of the recent techno, danced in the clubs of the 90s and the 2000s. Some time soon a dense and concise rhythm draws us while tightening Mills echoes refined from a distance. And they lead our mind in a twilight zone, a cocoon-like environment. Suspended because of a synth sonic pause, we fluctuate in psycho-scifi alleys before diving again in the centre of the disco floor. Finally breaking through a silent step in the present and the future of the second track: The Beginner!
A spring in the trance progressive, coming from the nord-european scene dated 2000, where the sound is circular, fresh and cozy, while it is rentlessly fastening, day in day out. In The Beginner! we are constantly engaged by a furious groove, tribal and ecstatic, where techno sound never stops to beat, reminding to the concept of dance as an enchanting tool. The wizardry of the dance tones down without losing its force in the closing track of the EP: Unexpected. Here, unexpectedly indeed, the groove becomes introspective at first, then disturbed by vague and obscure resonances, which, like hypnotic blades, split the electronic air into sounds and focus on the energy of the body, progressing like a militia along a stroboscopic tunnel. Here in the middle you can find the love for the machine which pushes the limits of the organic body.
The posthumanism recreated by the skilful practice of Distant Memories is romantic, techno/logic and merged with the dynamic entangled between speed and suspensions: short breaks between light and sound. Those rests where everything stretches out on galactic latitudes and longitudes before restarting crazy, mystic and digital.

Not to forget the elegant artwork of the cover made by Maurizio Sic Muolo. Delta Music once again with the realease of The Beginner! confirms a professional awareness and interest for the dance floor and the research among the field of machines, technology and electric bodies, with a view carefully oriented to the roots not to lose the sight of the present and with ears wide open on the future.

Distant Memories - No Idea (Original Mix)
Distant Memories - The Beginner! (Original Mix)
Distant Memories - Unexpected (Original Mix)