Distant Combus, Droh, Mainchronic, Nytxpress Musiq – Unusual Frequency [Plastic Frequent]

Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Nytxpress Musiq - All This Time (Original Mix)
Custa - Cruzing (Original Mix)
Tar Ntsei - Gone For Good (Original Mix)
Nytxpress Musiq - I Wana Leave Without You (Original Mix)
Nytxpress Musiq - Keep On (Chasing Mix)
Mashona Delux - Tracking Down (Original Mix)
Lui Jin - Walk A Mile (Experimental Mix)
Mainchronic - Bang That Drum (Original Mix)
Droh - Night Drops (Original Mix)
Distant Combus - Other Side Of Me (Original Mix)
Custa - Our Time (Split Disc Mix)
Tar Ntsei - Escape Rhythm (Original Mix)
Lui Jin - Get away (Original Mix)
Custa - Street Groove (Original Mix)