Disciple Line – Anoide 23 [Dreibergen]

DRBGN026#Disciple Line#Anoide23#Here is the first release of the french-german duo DISCIPLE LINE.

The track Anoide 23 (initiation mix) takes you on a hypnotic ride through a spacious soundscape composed out of analogue korg synthy sounds topped with a driving acid wave in the second part of the journey. The track comes with a kind of modular and organic feeling in permanent evolution. It will take you on a techno ride where the precise choice of the basedrum and synth stabs are creating a subliminal 80's new wave ambience. A timeless track which grabs your attention from the beginning and never leaves you behind.

The duo DISCIPLE LINE is a gathering of two versatile techno and electro producers. Besides their huge studio experience the two members of DISCIPLE LINE have been behind the desks for years rocking various clubs and events on the international scene. You're in save hands with these fellows… DISCIPLE LINE will not let you down.

Disciple Line - Anoide 23 (Initiaton Mix)