Dinka – Sundry – The Chillout [Enormous Chills]

We all still know her as the princess of progressive house and modern chill out music. Her atmospheric and trance influenced music reached a wide fan base around the world.
Some of her chill out tracks reached multi million plays on spotify already and up to day they make a lot of peoples happy every day.
Reason enough to compile a “best of” her chill out and lounge tracks. Including “On the Beach”, “Breathe”, “Hotel Summerville”, “Smile When You’re Hurt The most” or “Magnolia” just to name out a few.

Dinka - Breathe (Chill Out Mix)
Dinka - Hotel Summerville (Original Mix)
Dinka - Campfire (Original Mix)
Dinka - Smile When You're Hurt the Most (Original Mix)
Dinka - Mute Your Life And Float (Original Mix)
Dinka - Spring Valley (Original Mix)
Dinka - Magnolia (Original Mix)
Dinka - Fountain (Original Mix)
Dinka - Wuthering Heights (Tribute to Enigma Mix)
Dinka - Don't Hide Your Love (Original Chillout Mix)
Dinka - Scarlet (Chillout Reprise)
Dinka - On the Beach (Album Version)
Dinka - Venice Beach (Original Mix)
Dinka - White Christmas (Original Mix)
Dinka - Motion Picture (Album Version)
Dinka - Constant Sorrow (Original Mix)
Dinka - Windmills (Original Mix)