Dimibo, Airsoul, Drexander – Magneta [Alter Ego Records]

With a charging bassline, animation soaked percussion, charming dreamscape top lines, emotive harmony. Modify Ego's welcomes another greenhorn to the dearest with Tunisian based manufacturer Samer Soltan aka Drexander, with an vast parturition of attraction, 'Magneta' bringing in distribute 238. Abstruse bass and haunting breakdowns that limits abet into a unusually catchy tunefulness, mammoth remix from Farit. Last remix duties go to US based triplex Dimibo who provide 'Magneta' a right uplifting and slatternly eat, sublime for those culmination interval sets. Key on remix duties we accept Airsoul who demonstrates what a knack this uninitiated Russian honestly is giving 'Magneta' his own signature appear. On remix duties for 'Magneta' we be undergoing liberal prodigy kid Airsoul and Dimibo. The Tunisian grower provides a exorbitant concentration uplifting workout, boasting every component needed to beyond repair c destitute the seek! 'Magneta' smashingly captures a influentially fictional and unrealistic uplifting junket which is thoroughly tailored for the ball floor!

Drexander - Magneta (Original Mix)
Drexander - Magneta (Airsoul Remix)
Drexander - Magneta (Dimibo Remix)
Drexander - Magneta (Radio Edit)
Drexander - Magneta (Airsoul Radio Edit)
Drexander - Magneta (Dimibo Radio Edit)